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In order to carry out the work of Flanders Audit Authority (FAA) two Finance Inspectors were appointed, under the authority of the Flemish Government, to fulfil its tasks. Previously these were undertaken by just one Finance Inspector:

  • Tony Mortier


The audit unit consists of 8 auditors working full-time for the FAA and seconded from the Finance and Budget department:

  • Gert Adams (coordinator RRF)
  • An Beirnaert (coordinator structural funds)
  • Wout Dejonckheere
  • Khadija El Jafoufi
  • Lusine Ovanisian
  • Emily Vanmechelen
  • René van den Heuvel
  • Anneleen Verdeyen

The FAA is supported by an administrative assistant: Nathalie Brees.

Flanders Audit Authority (FAA) is responsible for providing the European Commission with a reasonable degree of assurance with respect to:

  • the operations of the management and control system of the bodies managing assistance packages (management and certifying authorities and intermediate bodies) and of the projects cofinanced by the European Structural Funds;
  • the accuracy of the statements of expenditure presented to the Commission in order to provide reasonable assurance of the legality and regularity of the underlying transactions.

Flanders Audit Authority is the audit authority responsible for the following programmes: ESFERDFInterreg VA Flanders-Netherlands and AMIF (Flemish section).

The FAA also conducts audits of major events.

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