Audit committee Top Events Flanders (ATEF)

On 20 May 2016, the Flemish Government approved the concept paper ‘Major events policy – Event Flanders’, for the development of a Flemish major events policy with the aim of attracting more major international events to Flanders or supporting existing major Flemish events in their organisation.

Visit Flanders set up Event Flanders in collaboration with the International Flanders department, the department for Culture, Youth and Media (CJM) and Sport Flanders. It is run by a multidisciplinary steering committee, composed of representatives of the various entities involved and delegates from the Flemish Minister-President and the Flemish Ministers of tourism, sport and culture.

Since its establishment, several major events have already been brought to Flanders, including the World Choir Games 2020, the 2021 Cycling World Cup and the 2021 Cyclocross World Cup.

A corresponding major events audit committee (ATEF) was established. This audit committee aims to ensure the proper use of funds by monitoring project expenditure and checking the application of public procurement legislation.

The audit committee is composed of five members, a member of the FAA, namely Mr. Tony Mortier in the chair, two members of the Inspectorate of Finance, an independent member and a secretary who is a member of the audit unit. The audit work is carried out by members of the audit unit, in consultation with the Inspectorate of Finance.