European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

This refers to the 2014-2020 programme for “Investing in growth and employment” in the Flanders region of Belgium.

The operational programme ERDF Flanders 2014 – 2020 aims to strengthen the sustainable growth and competitiveness of Flanders and to make a significant contribution to achieving the targets of the EU’s Europe 2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

To achieve these targets, four priorities were adopted in this programme period:

  1. encouraging research and technological development, and their economic valorisation;
  2. strengthening entrepreneurship and competitiveness;
  3. facilitating the transition to a low-carbon economy;
  4. strengthening sustainable development in metropolitan areas.

This programme has a budget of €435 million, of which €175 million comes from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Management authority

The Flanders Innovation & Entrepeneurship Agency, Europe and Economy Unit, has been appointed as management authority and is responsible for the delivery of the programme.

Certifying authority

The Flanders Innovation & Entrepeneurship Agency has been appointed as the certifying authority and is responsible for receiving and disbursing European subsidies.

Audit authority

Flanders Audit Authority is the responsible audit authority.